Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TRON: The Disney Movie that will appear in December...

Hi Papercrafters of TRON: The Movie,

Here is the link to the "PDF File of the 7 pages of printable Papercraft Cutouts" used to construct the actual paper model used by the Filming Production Crew of the upcoming Action Thriller Vision Adventure: "TRON: Legacy", the sure-to-blow-your Eyes & Minds state-of-the-art new Disney


(Being a computer-techno-newbie, I hope this link gets you there, or at least close...)

And here is the wild Movie action Preview being shown in Theaters, on TV, and the Internet:


By the way, "Making paper-models" is now a very highly paid Profession in Hollywood, and
Engineering, and Video Gaming,  and Advertising, etc.

"Education Fun" can also become a Career...


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