Thursday, September 16, 2010

Caretakers of Wonder

Caretakers of Wonder is a magical book by Cooper Edens.

The edition I own is copyrighted 1980
Hardbound ISBN 0-914676-78-4
The Green Tiger Press, Inc.
San Diego, California.

However on the back cover it says:
Childrens Press Choice
Reinforced Binding
ISBN 0-516-09402-5

(so I don't know what the two 'variations' refer to...)

Regardless, This is a magical book for children of all ages
for anyone who dreams and is in awe of nature...
It is about 15 fanciful professions: the Caretakers of Wonder,
who quietly go about their work unseen by us
taking care of the stars and the sun and the moon, the sky and the night,
the meadows and trees, rainbows and clouds, and
the wings of butterflies...

The illustrations are of a time past: and a visual euphoria
when handcrafts were honored and mechanisms were manual.
When beauty was natural and magic was ordinary.
You could hear the quiet and say "Hello" to the breeze.
The colors are soft and the scenes are "fin de siecle".
The book is warm and a cup of cozy.
"Kindness is the highest form of wisdom."

This book is to be cherished and shared...

Some used copies are available at


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