Sunday, September 12, 2010 is one of my favorite worldwide websites.

This is one of the best examples of "Education Fun" on the internet
and it is free and worldwide, multi-cultural, arts & crafts discovery learning.

Papercrafters from all over the world are posted at this website
and pictures of their artwork are displayed for your viewing.
Free downloads of their precise papercraft templates can be
saved and printed by you, so that you can learn and copy and construct
the same fun and often fantastic paper-models.

The papercraft examples cover the entire age-range of life...
from kids' cartoon characters, to teenager action and fantasy heroes,
to pop-culture, to professional artists and engineers from all over
the world, and in various languages.

You can use the free online "Google Translate" service, for instance,
to translate the many Japanese "Anime" designs.

This website is true "hands-on" discovery learning and construction
of real paper models to share and take pride in making art and
learning how to use simple tools of long-historied crafts from
many cultures around the world.

Enjoy the adventure, you will never be bored again in your life...
and certainly you can share whatever papercrafts you make,
with us here at Education Fun...


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