Friday, October 15, 2010

Paper Cut-out Traditional European Folk Art

Dear Education Fun,

Continuing my recent paper-craft projects, here is a photograph of a greeting card I made for my family and friends for the Autumn Season.  It is based on a traditional European Folk Art design: if you look carefully at it, you will see that it is both a Tree of Life and a Candelabra.  100 years ago many households were lit only by candlelight and lanterns, and various religious traditions used the lighting of candles for rituals of prayer and holidays ("holy-days").

I love to use a pair of scissors and cut designs from paper, it is a quietude craft that is very relaxing and pleasurable.

Some paper cut-outs are done with a folded piece of paper, to create a mirror-image symmetry.
This design has that character, however I actually made this cutout without folding the paper...
If you look carefully at the card, you will notice many places that are not 'exactly' mirror-images of their counterpart on the left and right sides...  It is just the way I felt like making this card; I did not
expect to cut 'exact' mirror-images and I was in no rush to complete the cutout...

The simple act of crafting the paper as I felt my "quiet flow", was gift enough for me...
Then upon completion of the card, I made about 12 color copies, which are in the process of being mailed (snail-mailed in paper envelopes with postage stamps) to family and friends around the country.

Sometimes I tell time by "B.C." = Before Computers  :-)



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