Monday, October 11, 2010

Here is a GIANT paper pop-up used in a Belgian tv commercial...

Dear Education Fun,

Here is a link to a GIANT paper pop-up used in a Belgian tv commercial for PEARLE Opticians, made by Paper Engineer, Kees Moerbeek, from the Netherlands...
There are 2 very fun videos to watch at the following link:

I am a paper-crafter and love to make pop-up greeting cards for friends and family.
I recently made a larger scale paper pop-up "sculpture" of a circus scene, based on a design by Laura
Badalucco from her book: Kirigami -- the Art of 3-Dimensional Paper-Cutting.  My circus scene is about 2 feet in diameter.

The tv commercial GIANT Paper Pop-Up is a Life-Size Store-Size complete commercial tv stage,
perhaps 20 feet x 20 feet... That is a GIANT Size Paper Pop-Up!!!

Enjoy the videos and explore how the huge paper-mechanisms are constructed...


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