Friday, October 15, 2010

Cardboard Model of a Laptop Computer :-)

Dear Education Fun,

The previous post mentioned paper-crafting in relationship to our modern era of computers...
Now, I found a humorous combination of both!! in a magazine advertisement picture.

You are familiar with the ubiquitous cardboard boxes of the shipping companies UPS and FedEx
("United Parcel Service" and "Federal Express") and of course our old-fashioned  reported-to-be-
in-financial-crisis U.S. Postal Service, USPS,  and predicted by some/many "experts" to be doomed for
Extinction...unless they can re-invent their Organization, Services, and Products, etc.

Email certainly has replaced millions of  paper letters of correspondence and the U.S. Postal Service has drastically lost their "customer-base" (to use an Economics term), so it will indeed be interesting to see and live-through the shake-up and/or evolution of communications, product deliveries, and information services...

So in this frame of reference, here is a humorous, almost quaint hand-crafted cardboard model of a laptop computer used in a magazine advertisement for who...?  UPS  :-)

Enjoy the artwork...



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  2. Alas, I think you've been duped. I've seen quite a few 'shops in my life, and I'm pretty sure this is one of them. A commercial graphic designer friend of mine had illustrated an origami crane using Photoshop. I almost couldn't tell it was fake until he confirmed it was. I'll have to ask for a copy of the design and send it to you. Pretty darn good work nonetheless.