Friday, October 22, 2010

Microscope Photo of Soap Bubbles

Education Fun,

Nikon Photography has an annual worldwide competition for photographs taken through microscopes; the results of this year's competition can be seen at their Small World website:

Among my favorites is this simply beautiful colorful photograph of soap bubbles,
at 150X magnification... the colors are real, not Photoshop!

I think if you double-click on the image it will zoom larger on the screen...

The pure black background is based on a specific lighting technique of  Photo Microscopy; you can learn more at their website about the various techniques that can be used to highlight and colorize microscope specimens.

Enjoy the view that our unaided eyes cannot see...
Microscopes and telescopes bring the very very small and the very very large world views into human focus; they are very important tools of Science and Understanding...

I think that every school should have both available for supervised student use.


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