Monday, December 13, 2010

The Morgan Library and Museum in NYC

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This is one of my favorite New York City Museums...
It is located in the former residence of J.P. Morgan and houses his world class collection of arts and books (manuscripts, letters, documents, etc).  To be inside the splendor of this residence is to travel to a magical world of places and times, and to be able to see up-close and personal actual hand-written and hand-drawn pages from some of the greatest artists and writers... well, it still boggles my mind...  :-)

hand-written and hand-drawn pages by William Blake... viewing them as if the Man is sitting next to me... Phew...

Here is the online link:

and if you ever visit New York City, this Library and Museum is unforgettable...

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  1. That is one awesome library! Will put it on a list of "must-see" places next time I visit New York City.