Sunday, November 14, 2010

Analysis of a Whole and its Parts: Cool Stuff

Education Fun,

There are two cool picture books I got from the library about understanding how everyday things work
by illustrating their various engineered parts. The books are called: Cool Stuff and Cool Stuff 2.0

The graphix are way cool and the description text is way brief and very informative.
Check them out; here's some pix:

These two books have lots of Cool Stuff and Cool Stuff to learn
about what Engineers do and how they make / (wo-man-ufacture :-) 
the everyday things that we use.

So enjoy your journey and start looking care-fully at some of the Stuff / Things you use everyday
and think about how it was made...

I would also suggest for starters, that you look "close-up" at the products you use everyday,
to find the small print that says what Country it was made in...
Does it say:  Made in USA
                     Made in China
                     Made in Pakistan
                     Made in Mexico
                     ... or somewhere else...???

Happy hunting and learning about Engineering and How Stuff Works...


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